Prime Minister’s greetings to USA celebrating its Independence Day


2023 07 04

JAV Lietuva shutterstock_253344223.jpg

Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė sent a message of greetings, on behalf of the Government and the people of Lithuania, to United States of America on the Independence Day and wished wellbeing and success, as well as long years of continued prosperity and harmony to the United States of America and every American.

‘The United States has been a strategic ally and partner to Lithuania, supporting our endeavours in advancing regional security, fostering economic cooperation, and promoting cultural exchanges.

This important day serves as a reminder of the shared values of liberty, democracy, and independence that both our nations hold dear. The United States' commitment to the fundamental rights and liberties of its citizens continues to be a beacon of hope, empowering individuals to pursue their dreams and contribute to the betterment of society’, said Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė in her message of greetings to Vice President of the USA, Kamala Harris.

‘We value our cooperation in promoting regional security and strengthening transatlantic ties, as demonstrated by our joint efforts in countering common security challenges, especially at a time when authoritarian regimes are trying to crack down on free democracies. We highly value US military presence in Lithuania. The more America we have in Lithuania and in our region, the safer the whole Trans-Atlantic community is.

Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine and Russia’s offensive against democratic principles and the rule of law only confirm how it is now more important than ever to strengthen our bilateral ties and our partnership within NATO, and to help Ukraine with maximum efforts in defending its territory and our shared values. We stand together with the United States and are firmly committed to supporting Ukraine until its final victory against the aggressor’, reads the Prime Minister’s letter.

Prime Minister reaffirmed the strong bilateral relations that exist between two nations and commitment to the principles of freedom, democracy, and human rights that are at the core of values shared between two countries. ‘Together, we can strive towards a world that upholds these ideals and works towards global peace and stability’, she wrote.