Prime Minister’s greetings to Sakartvelo celebrating its Independence Day


2023 05 26

Gruzija Lietuva shutterstock_269022728.jpg

Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė is sending a message of greetings, on behalf of the Government and the people of Lithuania, to Sakartvelo on the Independence Day.

‘In the context of Russia’s continued war against Ukraine, it is as evident as ever that freedom and independence cannot be taken for granted. Defending them is an everyday struggle, and the only way to victory is through unity – within the country and with its allies.

Lithuania remains steadfast in supporting Sakartvelo’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Freedom, democracy, and respect for fundamental human rights are the ideals that bound our two nations together through our struggles for independence. These ideals are also the only cornerstones on which countries can build security and prosperity that their people demand and deserve.

The people of Sakartvelo have clearly chosen the European and Euro–Atlantic future for their country. You have my government’s unwavering support for these aspirations and our readiness to share Lithuania’s reform experience to help bring Sakartvelo closer to NATO and the EU.

A strong and peaceful Europe is our common goal. But it can only be built based on common values, European solidarity, and on the common European Union’s foreign policy’, reads Prime Minister’s message of greetings.