Prime Minister: the US has been and will continue to be our key ally and closest EU partner


2021 02 05


Earlier today, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė had a conference call with the American Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania to discuss the developments in the bilateral trade, prospects for the economic cooperation and efforts in bringing down COVID-19 cases.   

‘The US has been and will continue to be our key ally and the closest EU partner. As your country opens up a new chapter in its political history, we hope to work with you even more closely together towards our bilateral and transatlantic goals’, said the Prime Minister.

Lithuania has always been on the lookout for new and innovative export avenues. Last year a market development plan for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries was drawn up to expand relations with potential investors and likewise the Lithuanian export.

We are keen to expand our cooperation in high-tech industries and knowledge-intensive services, particularly focusing on life sciences and engineering industries. Quality education across the schools in Lithuania, deployment of laboratories, and stimulating interest and engagement in innovations is our priority goal.

The interlocutors also discussed the need to strengthen the public sector and attract as many competent professionals as possible to help ensure smooth cooperation with the public at large as well as business organisations. A greater public trust in public administration in Lithuania would bring greater benefits for all the stakeholders. We have to open up as much data as possible to ensure transparency and clear disclosure of factual information of public relevance.

Lithuania hopes to work together with the new US administration towards ever closer transatlantic trade relations and a constructive and positive EU-US agenda in trade relations for the benefit of the business communities both in the US and Lithuania.

‘The pandemic has revealed the need to step up the transatlantic efforts in looking for sustainable solutions to ensure security of supply and strengthen supply chains. The EU and the US have already built by now a good cooperation experience in the regulation for the recognition of conformity in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. It is important that we continue and take further our efforts in this regard. We are also interested in furthering progress on the EU-US conformity assessment agreement, which would benefit the EU and Lithuanian electronics manufacturers, reduce costs and the red tape’ said the Head of Government. 

It was emphasised that the US has always been seen as a very important trading partner. The Lithuania-US trade turnover now stands at over 1.5 billion euros and in Q2 2020, the US direct investment in Lithuania amounted to 253 75 million euros.