Prime Minister extends greetings to the Kingdom of Belgium on its National Day


2023 07 21

Belgija Lietuva shutterstock_332296250.jpg

On behalf of the Government and the people of Lithuania, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has sent a message of sincere greetings to the Kingdom of Belgium celebrating its National Day, along with her wishes for success, prosperity, and welfare to its people.

“Lithuania highly values the closest friendship ever and cooperation between our countries. The Belgian contribution to NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence battalion in Lithuania, as well as your input to NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission, demonstrates the firm commitment of your country and the Alliance to defend our common values.

Our unity in the context of Russia’s shocking and brutal invasion of Ukraine needs to continue, as does our support for Ukraine until its victory. Ukraine is defending itself and Europe’s future. At the same time, it is important that all those responsible for Russia’s war against Ukraine are held accountable by establishing a Special Tribunal for the prosecution of the crime of aggression.

The principled stance of Belgium in supporting Ukraine and its people is very much appreciated. Together, we can do more. While we, as the EU and democracies, have done a lot for Ukraine, it is crucial that we continue to apply pressure on the regimes of Putin and his accomplice Lukashenko with the strongest possible sanctions to ensure regional peace and stability.

l am convinced that European security cannot be long-term and sustainable without Ukraine, and l hope we will work together to welcome Ukraine in NATO as soon as possible. Also, l am convinced that starting negotiations with Ukraine as soon as possible on its membership in the EU would provide the battered country with a much-needed blueprint for reconstruction and long-term reforms, and its people would gain reassurance that we truly see them as an integral part of the European and Euro-Atlantic family”, reads the Head of the Government’s letter of greetings.