Prime Minister: Constitution of 3 May is a symbol of free people and nations


2023 05 03

Norblin_1791 Geguzes 3 Konstitucijos priėmimas_1791_Lenkijos NB_R.4312_WAF.9_900px.jpg
Oath of confirmation of Constitution of the 3rd May 1791. Author: Jean Pierre Norblin. The National Library of Poland. R.4312/WAF.9

Today, on the 3rd of May, we commemorate the Constitution of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, a historic document signed back in 1791. It holds a significant place in European and global history as it stands as the first written constitution in Europe and the second in the world.

‘The Constitution of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth represented a monumental effort to reform our countries amidst internal challenges and external pressures from imperial powers. Its authors were guided by progressive Western political thought and the ideals of the Enlightenment, encapsulating these principles within the text of the constitution. The existence of this constitution serves as a testament to the civilizational heritage shared by Lithuania and Poland. In the spirit of the Constitution of 3 May, a subject became a citizen that took on the responsibility for their nation. Therefore, even after the Commonwealth was no longer on the map, the ideals put forth by the Constitution remained the guiding principles followed by leaders and participants of the subsequent Lithuanian and Polish uprisings against the tsarist empire. The Constitution of the Commonwealth stands as a symbol of freedom for all peoples and nations, never losing its importance throughout the course of history,’ said Prime Minister Šimonytė.

Prime Minister Šimonytė expressed her greetings to Poland on this momentous occasion. She emphasized the dynamic and robust strategic partnership shared between Lithuania and Poland, highlighting the growing friendship between the people of the two nations. Over centuries, Lithuania and Poland have achieved numerous victories together, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth is a testament to the shared heritage and accomplishments.