Prime Minister attends Baltic Council of Ministers meeting with Heads of Government of Estonia and Latvia


2023 05 12


On Friday, in Tallinn, Estonia, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė attended a meeting of the Baltic Council of Ministers with the Heads of Government of Estonia and Latvia, Kaja Kallas and Krišjanis Karinis, as well as the Energy Ministers of the three Baltic States.

“To those doubting, Ukraine has repeatedly demonstrated its strength on the battlefield and the determination of its people to resist Russia’s brutal aggression. Our task, and the task of all our like-minded friends of Ukraine in the democratic world, is to continue trusting Ukraine, to continue supporting it, and to reinforce this support, in particular with the necessary military weaponry. Because sustainable peace in Europe will not be achieved without Ukraine’s victory and the implementation of justice – accountability for the crimes of Russian aggression and war crimes,” said Prime Minister Šimonytė.

The extension of international sanctions against Russia and its ally Belarus, as well as the implementation of existing sanctions, is an important condition for weakening Russia’s ability to continue the war, noted the Baltic Prime Ministers. Effective coordination among the countries in the region is also important in preventing sactions evasion.

During the meeting, Ms. Šimonytė, Mrs. Kallas and Mr. Karinis discussed preparations for the NATO Summit in Vilnius, as well as defence and security cooperation between the countries. With Russia poised for a long-term confrontation with NATO, strengthening the alliance’s eastern flank is a key interest that unites the Baltic States.

The Baltic Council of Ministers also addressed regional cooperation in the fields of energy and energy security.

The earliest possible synchronisation of the Baltic States with the continental European grids is a priority objective of Lithuania's energy and security policy, which is shared by all three Baltic States, emphasized Prime Minister Šimonytė. Lithuania is undertaking the necessary practical tasks to achieve this goal, with the successful test of the isolated operation of the country’s electricity system in April being the most recent milestone. It demonstrated that we are secure and capable of managing our electricity system independently.

Given Russia’s weaponization of energy and the risks associated with dependence on it, desynchronisation from the BRELL ring is also a matter of national security, underscored the Lithuanian Head of Government.