Prime Minister and President of the European Court of Justice discuss protection of common interests


2017 01 17

Photo Adomas Mickevicius | LRVK
Photo Adomas Mickevicius | LRVK

On Monday, Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis met with President of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) Mr Koen Lenaerts to discuss European Union issues and priorities, the ECJ work, reform and cooperation with the Lithuanian courts.

“Europe today is not short of external and internal challenges. Therefore, our concerted and constructive efforts are needed as never before. Our Government is ready to properly represent Lithuanian and common European interests heading towards a stronger and more united EU, and focusing on areas of relevance for the entire Community, including external border protection, economic growth and job creation”, said the Head of Government.

The Prime Minister believes that the ECJ has a particularly important role to play today as regards closer European integration. “In the face of current challenges, the rule of law principle has gained a paramount relevance for the EU”, said the Prime Minister.

According to the President of the ECJ, the court continues to defend justice and the fundamental principles of the EU in tackling complex, European-wide concerns.

There was also a brief exchange of views on other main issues of European relevance. The interlocutors have noted the smooth cooperation between the ECJ and the Lithuanian judiciary.

The European Court of Justice clarifies the EU law for the Member State, ensures its uniform application in all the countries with universal compliance. The ECJ judgments have given rise to many important principles of EU law.