More than 250 kilometres of concertina wire laid on the border with Belarus


2022 02 24


On Thursday, EPSO-G presented the progress of the project for the construction of the physical barrier at the border with Belarus to the Project Supervision Commission chaired by Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė. The length of the concertina wire installed at the border has exceeded 250 kilometres this week, which is approximately half of the total length planned.

This week, around 700 workers are building the fence in the construction sites at the border, with more than 100 machinery units used, such as pole drilling machines, excavators, loaders, tractors, lifting platforms, and other equipment.

At the beginning of this year, concertina wire has already been laid in the sections of the first stage of the project – the frontier stations of Druskininkai, A. Barauskas, Adutiškis, Kabeliai, and Kapčiamiestis. Due to the large number of illegal migrants, it has been decided to install the concertina wire there first. Fence segments in the sections of the first phase are to be installed by 30 April, and the entire more than 500-kilometer-long physical barrier on the border with Belarus will be installed by September.

When installing a physical barrier right next to the state border with Belarus, a 5- to 6-spiral pyramid concertina wire is deployed first, and fence segments are installed next to the concertina wire on the Lithuanian side. Fence segments manufactured in line with the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) requirements are resistant to adverse weather conditions and soil impact, and are attached to posts installed into soil. A concertina wire spiral is attached to the top of the fence. The total height of the fence with a spiral concertina wire on it amounts to 4 meters.

The Project Supervision Commission is headed by the Prime Minister, and includes the Minister of the Interior, Minister of Energy, Minister of National Defence, Minister of Environment, Minister of Finance, SBGS Commander, Head of the State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate under the Ministry of Environment, and a representative of the Project Promoter, EPSO-G.